Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation inspections verify the wind resistance features of a home, building or structure.  They were developed to save home owners money on their home insurance by crediting them on the features of the home that decrease the amount of damage that may occur during a hurricane or strong windstorm.

Our wind mitigation inspection can help you protect your home from damage caused by severe weather, and save you money on your home insurance.  A Florida mandate requires insurance companies to reduce rates for homes that have specific wind mitigation features that make them better equipped to withstand storms.  Having a wind mitigation inspection on your home can help you reduce the costs of your insurance premium.  Your wind mitigation report will be certified for 5 years after the inspection.

After the inspection, you will receive a report that verifies all of the wind resistant features that will provide insurance credits for your home.  Submit this report to your insurance company, who will then give you an estimation of your premium savings.  Savings are based on the likeliness of your home incurring costly repairs if faced with a wind storm or hurricane.

(Service is available to Florida Clients only)