Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (or GFCI’s) are electrical safety devices designed to prevent serious injury to users in damp environments. This type of electrical receptacle can sense conditions that can cause electrical shock and will disconnect power to the device before injury can occur.

GFCI-protected outlets should be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, garages and at exterior locations. Upgrading to these effective and inexpensive devices at these specific locations is recommended for electrical safety.

GFCI outlets will typically have test and reset buttons on their face. If the device trips, the reset button should be depressed to return the outlet to operation. The test button should be depressed monthly to ensure the device will trip and reset properly.

At DLM Home Inspection, we use sophisticated test devices to ensure all accessible GFCI-protected outlets are operating properly and within specifications. All defective or non-functional devices are identified with a photo and location description in your inspection report.

Electrical safety is a top priority, only qualified electrical contractors should make repairs to these circuits.