Home Inspection and Associated Services


Our inspection services are available in Chicago and all adjacent counties: Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, Will, McHenry. We are available each weekday and most Saturdays with morning and afternoon appointments available.

Home Inspection – Full inspection of the roof, exterior, interior structural systems and components, all mechanical and electrical systems

Pre-Listing Inspection – Full home inspection, identify issues or defects prior to sale listing

Radon Testing – Identification of high levels of this odorless, colorless gas linked to lung cancer

Sewer Scope – Detect issues early, prevent costly repairs, and ensure a trouble-free sewer system

Chimney Scope – Identify potential hazards, ensure optimal function, prevent fires and enjoy a secure home environment

Moisture Intrusion – Swift detection and prevention to maintain a dry and protected living environment

Mold – Safeguard your home and your family with a mold inspection. Verification and expert assessment to ensure a mold-free home

Thermal Imaging – Identify hidden issues, optimize energy efficiency, and ensure a well-maintained and comfortable living space

Water Quality Testing – Ensure your water is safe, clean, and free from contaminants

Roof Coverings – Identify potential issues, protect against leaks, and maintain a secure and durable roof

Lead Paint Testing – Accurate assessments to detect and address potential hazards

Air Quality Testing – A comprehensive assessment of indoor air to identify potential pollutants and allergens

Swimming Pool/Spa – Identify potential issues, ensure compliance, and maintain a secure and enjoyable aquatic environment

Lawn Sprinkler System – Identify issues, ensure efficient watering, and maintain a lush and vibrant landscape

Several of these services can be an add-on to a full home inspection or many can be scheduled as a stand-alone service. Please contact us to determine the best use of your time and resources to provide a full representation of the home and all of it’s associated components and systems.