With real estate consumers increasingly more sensitive to property conditions, desiring full disclosure up front about all factors affecting the value of their future investment, a pre-listing home inspection can help move transactions along more smoothly with few, if any, surprises. As the seller, a pre-listing home inspection can assist in preparing property disclosure documents. It also allows the seller to anticipate any objections directed toward property structure and system functions, such as heating and air conditioning. For the buyers, the pre-listing home inspection assures them about the condition of the home from the detailed inspection report, and lets them know what potential expenses might be incurred once they close on the house. The pre-inspected listing will also give both parties the ability to fix or negotiate any problems ahead of time, so there won’t be any surprises. In addition, addressing any problems uncovered during a pre-listing inspection will allow the home seller to get the best price on needed repairs by allowing more time to shop around and get the most competitive contractor pricing.