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  • Freezing Pipes

    Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to rupture resulting in significant water damage to your home. Most homes are safe if they are occupied but even in these homes, pipes located in an exterior wall can freeze in extreme cold situations. If below-zero temperatures are expected, there are some simple steps you can perform to prevent […]

  • Drainage

    Ensuring there is proper drainage around your foundation is critical to maintaining a dry basement or crawlspace and to prevent movement or damage to the footings of your home. Water standing against the foundation will eventually find its way in to your home through cracks or imperfections in the concrete. If you have a finished […]

  • Fireplace Safety

    As winter approaches, cold nights make a fireplace a welcome addition to your home. Following a few simple guidelines can keep your fireplace safe for you and your family. Always visually inspect the firebox and flue damper before starting a fire Damaged firebricks or missing mortar can trap embers that could ignite adjacent wood framing. […]

  • Foundation Cracks

    Many houses have one or more concrete foundation cracks. Vertical cracks in the foundation visible in the basement or crawlspace are typically not structural defects. ¬†However multiple vertical cracks or any horizontal cracking in a single wall can indicate a serious foundation issue. Multiple vertical cracks or horizontal cracks in a concrete foundation wall are […]